All About EUL

"Story is the heart of all art" is what contemporary pianist and singer-songwriter Eul swears by. From the scenic island of Honolulu, Hawaii, Eul conjures gorgeous melodies on the piano and well-crafted lyrics. Her incredible visual arts and animation skills supplement her music, creating a powerful multimedia experience. Even without visuals, her music stands strong alone. 

Eul's first love was actually not music, but visual arts. Music was always strongly present in her life, as she played both traditional and contemporary music for church, but not in the limelight. She majored in animation, but her undeniable pull towards music led to a songwriting minor. Her winning song "Little Dreamer" for a Children's Song Composition Competition proved a knack for this. What further cemented her musical skill was her animated short film "Once Upon A Slave's Ambition" which she also composed for (orchestration by Marika Takeuchi). This film snagged recognitions from film festivals throughout the world.  In 2017, she released her 1st single "Footsteps," a beautiful ballad inspired by life's hardships. In 2018, digital single "Song For New Life," a piano instrumental, inspired by the end of her hardships and a new beginning, was released. 

Recently, in April 2019, her original piano track "Motherland" was put into 10 Miles, a busy music library distributed worldwide via Universal.  This was the start of a bigger change.  Since then, she has gotten more piano solo works into 10 Miles.  

 More singles independently released afterwards: "A Mother's Heart" for Mother's Day, "Dreamy Rendezvous," and "Once Upon A Summer Night's Dream." 

 Stay in touch with Eul as she continues her musical journey.