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October 1, 2021: More music after another! Also different from my usual solo piano works. More heavily leaning towards ambient, spacey, soundscape type of new age music, but still with a great melody. This one may remind you of a certain artist's style (hint: she is prominent in this genre). Look forward to "Evening Dreams" which will be released through Yellow Rose Records! 

 September 29, 2021: This year is all about different styles... even genres. Going back briefly to songwriting, which I haven't unleashed much of. Can't wait to release "God Of Ages," a contemporary Christian worship song, which was done in collaboration with producer and vocalists Marcello Vieira and Sandrine.  The vibe and structure is somewhat like "The Blessing" by Elevation Worship/Kari Jobe/Cody Carnes. It is a simple and powerful rock ballad-- great for congregational singing! Here's the EPK for details and a preview:

August 24, 2021: "Rendezvous" is a different from my usual solo piano works. You'll probably be reminded of the music in Studio Ghibli animated films. Let this romantic joyous orchestral soundtrack lull you to a pastoral French countryside!

January 24, 2020: A new year. Most dust off the past, and prepare for fresh beginnings. I've taken a more pensive approach. 2019 was such a dynamic year of extreme highs and lows. The weight of the lows in 2019 has had a lasting effect. Reflect with this somber piano solo "Irreversible." 

November 15, 2019: A quaint piano solo that embodies the autumn season. The melody starts off somewhat underwhelming, like an old story you've heard already ;) Not for long though. It becomes more dynamic and intense, but tastefully so. The melody never loses control, and maintains poise. Let "The Same Old Story" start off your relaxing weekend, and enjoy the rich colors of the cover art! 

August 2, 2019: "Once Upon A Summer Night's Dream." Upon hearing the title, the listener will get a hint of what they'll hear: whimsical, peaceful, melodic, wondrous but subtly so. The listener will be whisked away to a quiet summer evening in a European pastoral countryside. Let this piano solo track lull you to the land of dreams.

June 17, 2019: Melodic and cinematic piano solo "Dreamy Rendezvous" is released today on all major digital platforms! Perfect add to that relaxing/meditation/peaceful/study/healing/stress relief/acoustic/instrumental/BGM playlist. Please enjoy the cover art-- by yours truly-- it complements the musical storytelling.

May 12, 2019: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! To honor all the mothers, I have released a special piano solo track called "A Mother's Heart." Now available on all major digital platforms. Thank you mothers for lifting us up when we fall. Let's be grateful for the blessing who gave us life!   

April 7, 2019: Life is funny. When you try hard for something, reaching it seems futile. But when you least expect it, a positive surprise pops up.  My Turkish-inspired piano piece "Motherland" has now found a home in a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern/Eastern Europe/Balkan music library distributed via Universal! Not only that, but the director is requesting more.  But the best part, as always with music, is the resonance with its listener-- "...yours was delicious: touching and melodramatic in a sweet way, nostalgic, sentimental, lovely melody and arrangement, emotional, poetic/storytelling, so I’m happy to say I liked it – and it fits our aim and goal." Reading these words from this music catalog's director reminded me of why I do music, or any art. I felt as if all the hardships, work, determination, and passion were finally paying off. What a blessed Sunday morning this was!  

September 1, 2018: A new beginning. Currently, I'm in a very transitional phase of life, for the better. For years, life had been hitting me with stones. But when 2018 began, I vowed that I would make big changes: get rid of all the "pollutants" in my life. As of September 1, 2018, I am proud to say that I have "cleansed" my life of nearly all the major ones! Only after these life detoxes, did I realize just how bad it had been. It's as if a huge boulder has been lifted off my chest. Now, I am determined to make things work well, in the way I want it. My soon to be released piano instrumental "Song For New Life" commemorates this new start. Thank you to those who have been with me on this journey. And welcome, if you are new to my music. I hope you enjoy "Song For New Life" when it's released September 21, 2018 on all major digital platforms.  Lesson: Get out of the low as soon as possible. Make the best of your life. 

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